Justin Phillips, Tri Cycle Farms Board President

Justin PhillipsJustin grew up on his family farm in Goshen, raising all of their own food as well as managing his 6 “Supers” (Bee hives). He has been in the Insurance Industry since 2008. His wife Martha and he have been life-long Fayetteville residents. Martha has been the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the University of Arkansas Libraries since 2000. Both are graduates of the University of Arkansas. They have two young daughters, Quinn and Josie.

Email: justinphilli@gmail.com         Phone: 479-502-2653

Profession: Insurance Agency Owner/Agent

University of Arkansas, B.A.

What inspires you? Watching things grow: Plans, Children, Businesses, etc.…

Why are you in nonprofit work? To give back to my community for generations to come.

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally? Reminds me of my childhood.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Playing music.

What is your personal definition of Community? Working as a Team.

Justin also serves with Boy Scouts of America, Red Cross, VA Hospital, Free and Accepted Masons (Master Mason in Washington Lodge No.1 in Fayetteville), and Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) at local elementary schools.

Categories of individual interest and community involvement include Professional, Veterans’ Programs and Public Schools or Youth Programs.



John Kester III, Tri Cycle Farms Board Vice President

John KesterMy primary inspiration in life is appreciation for nature. I grew up visiting national parks around the country and I experienced a sense of admiration for the serenity these pristine preserved areas offered to travelers. The reason I serve on the board at Tri Cycle Farms is because I want to use my naturally invigorated spirit to help cultivate community and sustenance. I feel a calling to use my gratitude for experiences in the wilderness to give back to the outdoors in a place that can provide so much to people in need. There is significant value in growing the foundation of Tri Cycle Farms and I am committed to supporting the mission of community through soil.

Email: jk3three@gmail.com             Phone Number: (573) 286-4482

Profession: Research Associate at The Sustainability Consortium

BA, Denison University – Biology & Economics

MA, Northern Arizona University – Sustainable Communities

PhD, University of Arkansas – Environmental Dynamics

John currently serves as a Conservation Commitment Mentor for the Clinton Global Initiative University. Previously, John has been an assistant baseball coach, a volunteer at Full Circle Campus Food Pantry, and a United Way Funding Committee Reviewer.

His community involvement and individual interests include Business and Industry, Financial Development, University and Public Schools or Youth Programs.


Heather Friedrich, Tri Cycle Farms Board Secretary

Heather FriedrichHeather Friedrich grew up on a small farm in Iowa. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and Masters of Science in Horticulture from Iowa State University. She came to Fayetteville in 2003 to work in the department of Horticulture at the University of Arkansas. Although her position has changed since 2003, her work is largely focused on organic and sustainable production research and outreach and supporting local food systems. Heather works closely with Northwest Arkansas farmers’ market managers and growers on projects such the ‘Double Your Dollar’ project, which provides a market match for SNAP and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program purchases at farmers’ markets. She also works to advance Northwest Arkansas local food opportunities and organizes professional development trainings in sustainable agriculture for agriculture professionals throughout Arkansas. In her spare time Heather loves to have fun outdoors with her two daughters and husband.

Email: Heatherf@uark.edu          Phone: 479-283-5357

Profession: Program Manager at the University of Arkansas, working in sustainable and organic agriculture research and outreach in the Department of Horticulture and the Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability. B.S., Human Nutrition and M.S., Horticulture

What inspires you? Everything! My daughters, hard work, good food, nature…

Why are you in nonprofit work? Because of the positive impact it has on people and communities.

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally? TCF appeals to me on several fronts. My first draw to TCF was through my connection to agriculture – TCF appeals to me because it’s a farm! Working with nature to cultivate food and create a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, along with the community aspects of farmers’ market are all important issues for me. Because of the location of TCF, it serves as an educational center. It provides wonderful opportunities for adults and kids to learn about the many aspects of gardening, food, and healthy living. I think TCF also does a fantastic job of raising the awareness of food insecurity in Fayetteville, as well as trying to alleviate hunger needs through food recovery efforts and its Third Shares program. And the people who are passionate about TCF and this work are amazing.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Playing with my girls, gardening, cooking, yoga, hiking and sewing.

What is your personal definition of Community? People working together to achieve common good.

Heather is a past and founding board member of Ozarks Slow Food; president and past president of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Horticulture Industry Show. Her community involvement and individual interests include Financial Development, Senior Citizens, University programs and Event Coordination.


Kelly Bassemier, Tri Cycle Farms Board Treasurer

Kelly BassemierI truly believe that all our problems can be solved in the garden. Sharing food, seeing the joy of children and adults as they experience the farm and growing this amazing community with our neighbors is what makes Tri Cycle Farms so special.

Email: kellybassemier76@gmail.com   Phone: 479-236-6816

Profession: Direct Service Provider, Lifestyles Inc.

BA in Fine Arts from Ouachita Baptist University.

What inspires you? I’m inspired by nature and the life-sustaining abundance that the earth provides. The beauty of the symbiotic relationship that is possible between humans, flora and fauna has inspired my love of gardening since childhood.

Why are you in nonprofit work? Being able to give my time and energy to an organization that serves my community is very rewarding.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Growing flowers and learning about the healing properties of herbs are my greatest passions.

What is your personal definition of Community? To me community is coming together to experience life in every way. Sharing work and reward and supporting one another through joys and hardships creating the resilient bounds of a healthy community.

Kelly’s community involvement and areas of individual interest include Arts, Volunteer and Event Coordination.


Lisa Jo Outlaw, Tri Cycle Farms Board Member

Lisa Jo OutlawLisa Jo Outlaw is a local artist, educator and small-business owner, with over 15 years of teaching, management and corporate training experience, plus 10 years of non-profit volunteer and board experience in Iowa, Oklahoma and Arkansas. She currently designs and directs a series of enrichment programs for elementary-age children in Fayetteville and is a regular art contributor at Ozark Folkways, Fayetteville Underground, and Arts Center of the Ozarks. When not playing with children or making art, she is likely reading tarot cards, enjoying live music or driving the backroads.

Email: ljoutlaw@gmail.com                        Phone: 479-871-4691

Profession: Educator / Director of The Little Village; Local artist, Small Business Owner

University of Iowa (Women’s Studies & US History)

What inspires you? I am inspired by driven people whose work aligns with their personal beliefs. I have always known Tri Cycle Farms to be a group of dedicated, motivated visionaries, who consistently demonstrate the organization’s mission through service, inclusion, education, and stewardship

What is your favorite activity or past time? I love making art, seeing art, outdoor activities (hiking, gardening, camping, etc.), live music, and travel

What is your personal definition of Community? Those who share something in common (i.e. every living person, plant & animal on the planet…in various ways, with countless connections)

Lisa Jo’s experience in nonprofit and community service capacities includes:

  • Fayetteville Underground (contributing artist, 8 yrs; Artist Board Liaison Officer, 2 yrs; Board Secretary, 3 yrs)
  • Compassion Fayetteville (Personal & Professional Partner, 3 yrs)
  • Iowa Women’s Foundation (Programming & Admin. Asst. & Board Secretary, 2 yrs)
  • Women’s Resource & Action Center, University of Iowa (Workshop Leader & Board Member,1yr)

Her areas of focus in community involvement and personal interest include the Arts, Business and Industry, Volunteer Coordination, Professional and Senior Citizens programs, Social Services, University programs, Event Coordination, Public Schools and Youth Programs.