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Hydro House Seed To Sell Project

We need a third wheel and a push!

2017 was a fantastic year and with your help, we can knock 2018 out of the park! The Hydro-House project will not only add a great educational program to Tri Cycle Farms' offerings, but will also provide a much needed revenue stream, important to our organization's sustainability. Consultation and market research indicate this facility will generate $3000-10,000 monthly or $77,000 annually. Over time this project will pay for itself as well as the farm and Community House.

Our goal is to have the hydro-house constructed and ready for hydroponic system installation by the end of August.

In addition to providing financial sustainability for Tri Cycle Farms, the Hydro House "Seed to Sell" Program will add to and compliment the other educational opportunities at the farm, including healthy cooking, gardens, food production and farm tours. In particular, the hydro house will provide service learning opportunities for UA

The cost of the entire project is $133,000, of which we have nearly half! We are looking for sponsors to adopt the last $71,000 of project costs. Below are some of the key organizations, partnerships and collaborations that have helped so far and will provide ongoing support.

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Where would we be without the invaluable services provided by University of Arkansas students, classes and programs?

Two UA Biological Engineering students in the Social Innovation Hub conducted their honors thesis research on hydro house systems design and management through the development of ongoing service learning opportunities. Additionally Dr. David Hyatt's Sustainability Capstone class conducted a market survey with 13 local businesses with most vendors considering hydroponic vegetables, greens and herbs at market premium. The second phase of the capstone project will include a supply chain plan tailored to Tri Cycle Farms' operations.

Laura Gray and Sarah Gould, 2017 Social Innovation Challenge participants, with Director Don Bennett.

Please feel free to check out the Hydro House Seed To Sell Service Learning project "one-pager" or the entireĀ budget.

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