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Media and Community Outreach Coordinator

This position will focus on Media Relations and Community Outreach. This entails the design and development of press and promotional materials, social media and multimedia packaging, design and upkeep of an organizational archive, recruitment of media experts, photographers, videographers and mentor interns and/or work study employees with specialized skills. Current media connections will be maintained and communicated with on a regular basis as events and stories develop at TCF. Outreach to new media outlets will be conducted on an ongoing basis. This position will track the number of 'media minutes' for TCF, the amount and type of coverage, and donated or volunteered professional services, along with cumulative media coverage to calculate an equivalent market value.

Updates to the TCF website and blog articles will be managed by this position both individually and through collaboration with other team members for content of imagery, photography and clarity. Website updates for all calendar entries with text and visual components for all classes, special events, and promoted workdays is included in regular maintenance. This position will gather content from other team members, proof/finalize and schedule social media posts several times a week and follow up with comments and answering all social media and email messages.

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