Thursday afternoon Food Recovery and Compost Crew

Tri Cycle Farms welcomes volunteers with all kinds of skill sets from gardening and farming to event planning, web work, graphic design, outreach, and food recovery, to name a few. Even if getting your hands dirty isn’t your thing, you can still contribute to Tri Cycle’s mission! If you want to help, we have a service opportunity for you!

Lettuce and tomatoes growing in the student-led aquaponics project


Tri Cycle Farms is an excellent site to carry out larger projects, too! We currently have two major ongoing projects: Leah, a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, planned, funded, built, and maintains a productive aquaponics system in the basement of the Rock House, and engineering undergraduate students from the University of Arkansas have worked together to plan, fund, and build an impressive water catchment tower. Contact the volunteer coordinator, Delilah Clark (, to chat about long term projects and internships at Tri Cycle Farms!


Engineering students from the University of Arkansas finish the outer wall of the water catchment tower.