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What We Do

gongSo many creative endeavors have been explored at the farm, from collective composting and companion planting, to community yoga, to theater productions and pesto contests. We are a community space. We focus our efforts on Sharing, Teaching, and Farming, but we are open to the world of possibilities.





Thirds Share Initiative

Food grown at the farm is allocated using our Tri Cycle Farms’ Thirds Share Initiative in which we share a third of what we grow with volunteers, give a third to food pantries and community meals, and sell a third to sustain the farm and demonstrate the economy of food.

At Tri Cycle Farms, volunteers share in each harvest and work to grow food for our community.  Produce is donated to Sunday Supper, a weekly community meal prepared at Trinity United Methodist Church, and offered to those who come to us in need. To ensure the sustainability of our programs, produce and herbs are also sold at the Crossroads Farmer’s Market, as well as to local restaurants, including Pesto Café, Hammontree’s, James at the Mill, and The Farmer’s Table Café. 

Share a third with our volunteers…


Give a third to food pantries and community meals…

giveSell a third to sustain the farm and demonstrate the economy of food…


Grow & Share Everywhere! Program

The Grow & Share Everywhere! Program is our initiative to see thriving gardens throughout the community. Through tool sharing, crop mobbing, and informational support, we want to assist with the development of other urban farms, community gardens, and home gardens.

The implementation of a community garden at North Creekside Apartments, launched in the winter of 2014 in collaboration with the Specialized Real Estate Group, will serve as the pilot project for the Grow & Share Everywhere! Program. Tri Cycle is collaboratively guiding this project through help with garden design, mobilization of participants, and resource sharing. Community members involved in the garden are also encouraged to participate in activities and classes at Tri Cycle Farms, which is right down the street!




Tri Cycle Farms collaborates with knowledgeable local teachers and farmers to offer garden, food, and holistic health classes to the community. Some are hands-on workshops while others are classroom-style, and some charge a small fee while most are donation-based, but we invite all to come share in the knowledge and wisdom. Some examples of our education based events include:

  • How to build a hoophouse or start seeds
  • Native plant and herb identification and foraging walks
  • Mushroom inoculation
  • Cooking and nutrition, including food preservation like canning and dehydrating
  • Using herbs in tinctures, soaps and extractions
  • Creating bird houses or other crafts from forest and garden debris or plants

For details on upcoming classes and workshop events, visit our events calendar!




Our sweet little 2-acre farm consists of our main diversity garden, the children’s garden and strawberry-sunflower circle, the new market garden, and the hoop house. We also have a chicken coop with 6 laying hens, and one buzzin’ bee hive.

We glean our farming methods from a variety of styles, with an emphasis on John Jeavon’s 'Grow Bio-intensive' method and permaculture inspired gardening.

We currently have 2 major, ongoing volunteer programs designed to instill the foundations of farm care in all who are interested:

Garden Tenders Program: Through the Garden Tenders Program, you can become more deeply involved in the processes of the garden while truly impacting its success. You’ll learn gardening skills such as crop rotation, companion planting, and small space urban gardening while helping to increase our food production capacity here at the farm!


Chicken Tenders Program: The Chicken Tenders Program was started and implemented by volunteers interested in the care of urban chickens. As a Chicken Tender, volunteers learn to maintain coop structured maintenance and repairs, maintain coop cleanliness, incubate eggs and rear chicks, as well as check and provide daily watering and feeding care. Stop by and see our pretty birds!

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering as a Tender, visit our Contact page to let us know, or sign up on our mailing list to be notified of upcoming 2017 Volunteer Training and Tri Cycle News!


Check out our Facebook feed for a taste of recent activity:



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