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2020 Annual Report

Tri Cycle Farms’ mission is to grow community through soil as we steward food awareness, education, and empowerment. We envision a world of food security, sovereignty, and sustainability for all.

2020 was a year of challenges we've never faced before. Due to the pandemic, our on-farm activities were reduced to the bare minimum, and we pivoted our efforts to maximize the impact of our food recovery and distribution program to serve community members who are vulnerable to food insecurity in Washington County.

The Tri Cycle Farms’ distribution program has been in operation for approximately 4 years. We deliver food and resources to community members, nonprofit food pantries and meal programs across Washington County. This program includes our established plant and seed share events, harvested crops, and eggs from our 2-acre farm-park, along with the food recovery program (in partnership with Whole Foods Market Fayetteville and Natural Grocers, Fayetteville).

  • We deliver an average of 437 lbs of food per day to partnering organizations. Distributed items include recovered foods, plants, floral bouquets, gleaned foods, donated foods, and household commodities.
  • In 2020, we served 16 nonprofit partners and delivered:
    • 129,947 lbs. of food conservatively valued at approximately $348,225.
    • 4,483 live plants and flower bouquets valued at approximately $26,400.
    • Commodities such as toiletries, paper products, vitamins/supplements valued at approximately $25,775.
    • Through our Plant and Seed Share program we have served over 200 community and family victory gardens since the beginning of COVID19.