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About Us


Tri Cycle Farms began as a personal response to a neighbor’s food insecurity. In 2011, the impact of the 2008 economic recession was lingering.  Even individuals with more than one job were often challenged to meet a month’s basic food costs.  Much like the Victory and Liberty Gardens of our not-so-distant past, a neighborhood --- and neighborly --- urban farm would serve, in this case, one of Fayetteville’s highest concentrations of people living in poverty within a one-mile radius.

In 2011, Tri Cycle Farms’ founder, Don Bennett, recognized both the need and the potential to address food insecurity directly, beginning with land, resources and alliances at hand. It was a determined decision to find and (literally) grow a direct, hands-on solution to food insecurity, amid the complexity of a growing modern poverty.

In mid-2011, Don purchased two acres of over-grown land behind his house and with a coalition of community volunteers, a farm-raising movement began.  In October of that same year, the field was cleared by a volunteer force of 119 community members. The next day our former mayor tilled the soil, and this urban heritage farm was reborn. An endeavor that started with two food insecure individuals has grown to over 1,000 engaged community members.


Hear Don tell the story of Tri Cycle on TEDX Fayetteville

Support of Tri Cycle Farms’ programs and events helps to increase Fayetteville area food security and community resilience initiatives. Tri Cycle Farms is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization with a mission to grow community through soil.