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Be a Sponsor for Pesto Fest

About Pesto Fest

Pesto Fest is the largest “farm-raiser” event of the year supporting Tri Cycle Farms operations and programming. The event includes children’s activities, food, live music and the Pesto Contest judged by local celebrity chefs. The event grows every year bringing hundreds of music, food and farm-loving friends to our 2-acre farm park in the middle of Fayetteville.

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Why Support Tri Cycle Farms' Biggest Fundraising Effort of the Year?

Tri Cycle Farms cultivates two acres of gardens and hosts community programs in the heart of Fayetteville through the generosity of volunteers, donors and sponsors.

Tri Cycle Farms (pronounced “try cycle farms”) employs a bit of word-play. Sometimes our neighbors just need a third wheel and a push, hence the tricycle in our logo. We are friends and neighbors helping one another. Additionally, our Thirds Share Initiative guides our gardens: we share a third with volunteers; give a third to community meals and pantries; and we sell and third for sustainability. Furthermore, we organize our programs in three areas of overlapping focus: sharing, teaching and farming. Each supports our mission to steward food awareness, education and empowerment.

However, Tri Cycle Farms depends on the funds raised during Pesto Fest, our one major fundraising event each year, to continue the programming we provide for the community and to keep our gates open. Supporting this event through general sponsorship or through one of our underwriting opportunities gives Tri Cycle Farms a third wheel and a push.

Tri Cycle Farms' Third Wheel and a Push in 2017

  • 22,824 volunteer hours including:
    • 5723 hours from community volunteers and service learners, performed by:
    • 1326 unique volunteers across:
    • 2146 service learning opportunities
  • 99234 of food and household items distributed to partnering food pantries and service organizations
  • 4408 of produce and meat gleaned from local and regional farmers, which was then distributed to partnering food pantries and service organizations
  • 1647 of food harvested from our gardens and shared with volunteers and partnering food pantries and service organizations.
  • 14 onsite community classes and workshops led by community professionals and attended by
    • 224 regional participants

Pesto Fest Marketing Reach 2017

The 2017 Pesto Fest and Pesto Contest had more than 250,000 marketing impressions across social media, other internet, print, radio and TV platforms. The 2017 Pesto Fest and Pesto Contest was heavily promoted in the following media outlets:

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Dedicated e-mail blasts
  • The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and its website
  • The Fayetteville Flyer
  • The Arkansas Traveler
  • The Free Weekly
  • KUAF (NPR 91.3)
  • KXUA (UA Radio 88.3)
  • KPSQ (Public Square Community Radio 97.3)
  • KXNA (The X 104.9)
  • KKEP/KMCK (Power 105.7)
  • KNWA (Fox/NBC – Ch 24/51)
  • KHOG (ABC – Ch 40/29)
  • KFSM (CBS – Ch 5)


The Pesto Fest and Pesto Contest has a dedicated tab on Tri Cycle Farms’ website ( where all the information and pre-registration for Pesto Fest and the Pesto Contest are located. According to Google Analytics, Tri Cycle Farms is viewed over 6000 times a month in Google with about a tenth of those viewers visiting the website.  We expect website viewers to multiply exponentially around Pesto Fest. Sponsors’ logos* with links to their sites are available as part of the marketing package and support.

*Logo size varies depending on the amount of sponsorship.


As a Sponsor, you will also benefit from Social Media outreach and marketing including dedicated Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts reaching an additional 27,000 social media audience members.

Your Social media team will be provided with an event hashtag to leverage your own participation.

Underwriting Opportunities

what it is, how it works, and how it benefits you and the community

While Underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your organization with some of the same benefits plus some that commercial advertising can’t offer. Research indicates that giving to local nonprofits is an excellent public relations tool. Consumers have a positive image of supporters of local charities and report that their purchasing decisions are influenced by such Underwriting support.[1]

Because of the wide variety of programming and volunteer opportunities at Tri Cycle Farms, our supporters are a diverse group of people.  In addition to our Food Recovery Program that provides food to people throughout our community, Tri Cycle Farms offers programs and activities for all age groups ranging from school age to seniors. Our supporters (and the people we help) are your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Your support of Tri Cycle Farms shows you are interested in changing the face of poverty and food insecurity in Fayetteville and all Northwest Arkansas.



All Underwriters receive social media promotion; logo on the Pesto Fest webpage, digital flyer, program, and sponsor banner; mention from the stage at the event; inclusion in on-farm program signage; plus, they may display their branded tent and/or signage at the sponsored area.


  • Product placement at street side September 2 – September 8
  • 17,000 daily street views (119,000 total) plus event attendees
  • Logo on event shirt
  • 6 Pesto Fest tickets

STREETSIDE SPONSOR (day of event) – $1000

  • Product placement street side day of event only
  • 17,000 street views plus event attendees
  • Logo on event shirt
  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets


  • Featured logo on shirt sleeve displayed by 100+ volunteers at event
  • 4 Pesto Fest tickets


  • Logo on event shirt
  • 4 Pesto Fest tickets
  • 1 Pesto Contest Entry


  • Logo on event shirt
  • 4 Pesto Fest tickets


  • Logo on event shirt
  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets


  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets


  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets


  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets


  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets


  • 2 Pesto Fest tickets

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