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Live United Day with the Walmart Realty Group

On Friday morning, June 16th, approximately 60 volunteers from the Walmart Realty Portfolio Management Group celebrated Live United Day by serving their community at Tri Cycle Farms. Volunteers learned about the mission of Tri Cycle Farms before splitting into five different work zones: weeding garden beds near our community house, mulching in the parking zone, weeding and harvesting in the Children's Garden, mulching and weeding in the Diversity Garden, and removing brush and trees in the Compost Zone.

This group came prepared! Volunteers brought an ATV with a trailer, which really helped in transporting the leaf piles to the new compost area as well as with hauling brush and the roots of trees that volunteers removed. A few unnecessary, non-native trees were felled by volunteers who brought a chainsaw and worked together to guide the trees to the ground, cut them into sections, and relocate the pieces. Other volunteers harvested Malabar spinach and Egyptian walking onions to free up bed space for upcoming plantings. Yet another group of volunteers contributed to our water run-off management system in the garden by filling the recently restructured walkways in the main garden with wood chips, which help to control the movement of rainwater runoff.

These 60 hard-working volunteers served alongside AmeriCorps NCCC team members, AmeriCorps VISTA service members, and Arkansas GardenCorps service members. Tri Cycle Farms appreciates all of our volunteers' efforts and that this group took the time out of their busy schedules to help us Grow Community Through Soil!

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