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Ashley Stone, President



What Inspires You?  I am inspired a great deal by my deep connection to music and nature. Challenging myself to take chances, learning new skill sets & traveling while embracing different cultures are also passions of mine!

Why are you in nonprofit work?  Witnessing first hand the positive impact nonprofits have on the community is both healing and extremely motivating!

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally? Tri Cycle’s mission of community through soil coupled with their food recovery program and sustainability programs has directly impacted my life. I am a resident in the neighborhood that Tri Cycle Farms is located and I have seen how they have alleviated hunger and used education as a valuable tool in food security. The community involvement is crucial in sustaining things such as our Third Shares program so I volunteer my time to ensure my role in giving back has a personal connection by someone who has also utilized the assistance of these services.
What is your favorite activity or past time? Traveling, going to festivals along with any outdoor activities like camping, kayaking ,exploring swimming holes and fishing are all passions of mine!

What is your personal definition of community? Community to me is when people come together to share support and work towards a common goal in order to form a healthy partnership to better our lives and the lives of others.

Ashley's community experience includes volunteering at the local women's shelter, supporting the local music scene through her work with local musicians and also serves on the Steering committee for the MS Society for NWA.

Justin Taylor, Vice-President

Environmental Educator at Boston Mountain Solid Waste District


M.S. in Natural Resource and Environmental Management from University of Hawai`i

B.A. in International Relations from Hendrix College

Justin grew up Southeast Arkansas. He spent most of his free time outdoors where he developed a lasting relationship with the natural world. He has worked with various nonprofit organizations around the world in conservation and animal welfare and is proud to call Arkansas home. He currently works on waste reduction initiatives with schools and businesses in Washington County. He enjoys cooking and spending his free time on rivers, camping, hiking and fishing.

What Inspires You? Connecting with nature on a regular basis is very important to me as well as sharing this connection with others.

Why are you in nonprofit work? There is a great need for nonprofit organizations and it gives me a sense of purpose to help fill this need.

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally? I believe in Tri Cycle’s mission and I believe that they are providing solutions for the issues of food security, well-being and food recovery. These things are all very important to me.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Outdoor activity including hiking, fishing and camping and travel

What is your personal definition of community? People who come together for a purpose

Justin’s community experience includes working with environmental nonprofits and leading student field trips at Kessler Mountain.

Heather Friedrich, Secretary

Program Manager at the University of Arkansas, working in sustainable and organic agriculture research and outreach in the Department of Horticulture and the Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability.


B.S., Human Nutrition

M.S., Horticulture

Heather Friedrich grew up on a small farm in Iowa. She received her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and Masters of Science in Horticulture from Iowa State University. She came to Fayetteville in 2003 to work in the department of Horticulture at the University of Arkansas. Although her position has changed since 2003, her work is largely focused on organic and sustainable production research and outreach and supporting local food systems. Heather works closely with Northwest Arkansas farmers’ market managers and growers on projects such the ‘Double Your Dollar’ project, which provides a market match for SNAP and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program purchases at farmers’ markets. She also works to advance Northwest Arkansas local food opportunities and organizes professional development trainings in sustainable agriculture for agriculture professionals throughout Arkansas. In her spare time Heather loves to have fun outdoors with her two daughters and husband.

What inspires you? Everything! My daughters, hard work, good food, nature…

Why are you in nonprofit work? Because of the positive impact it has on people and communities.

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally? TCF appeals to me on several fronts. My first draw to TCF was through my connection to agriculture - TCF appeals to me because it’s a farm! Working with nature to cultivate food and create a beautiful wildlife sanctuary, along with the community aspects of farmers’ market are all important issues for me. Because of the location of TCF, it serves as an educational center. It provides wonderful opportunities for adults and kids to learn about the many aspects of gardening, food, and healthy living. I think TCF also does a fantastic job of raising the awareness of food insecurity in Fayetteville, as well as trying to alleviate hunger needs through food recovery efforts and its Third Shares program. And the people who are passionate about TCF and this work are amazing.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Playing with my girls, gardening, cooking, yoga, hiking and sewing.

What is your personal definition of Community? People working together to achieve common good.

Heather is a past and founding board member of Ozarks Slow Food; president and past president of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Horticulture Industry Show. Her community involvement and individual interests include Financial Development, Senior Citizens, University programs and Event Coordination.

Kelly Bassemier, Treasurer

Direct Service Provider, Lifestyles Inc.


BA in Fine Arts from Ouachita Baptist University.

"I truly believe that all our problems can be solved in the garden. Sharing food, seeing the joy of children and adults as they experience the farm and growing this amazing community with our neighbors is what makes Tri Cycle Farms so special."

What inspires you? I'm inspired by nature and the life-sustaining abundance that the earth provides. The beauty of the symbiotic relationship that is possible between humans, flora and fauna has inspired my love of gardening since childhood.

Why are you in nonprofit work? Being able to give my time and energy to an organization that serves my community is very rewarding.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Growing flowers and learning about the healing properties of herbs are my greatest passions.

What is your personal definition of Community? To me community is coming together to experience life in every way. Sharing work and reward and supporting one another through joys and hardships creating the resilient bounds of a healthy community.

Kelly’s community involvement and areas of individual interest include Arts, Volunteer and Event Coordination.

A.B. Merritt, Member

Registered Nurse in Mental Health at Veteran’s Health Care System of the Ozarks. Chair of the Healing Arts Committee. Owner of Sit & Spin Laundromat

B.A., Sociology
B.S. Nursing

A.B. grew up in Arkansas. Her family bought a small hobby farm when she was young and there her favorite memories were born. Best memories: walking barefoot in the soft tilled dirt in the garden, vine ripened tomatoes, potato sack swing, the pond, all the animals. Worst memories: snake crawling over her bare feet the garden, goose relentlessly chasing her around the pond. These vibrant and enriching memories forged a lifelong love of nature, the outdoors, healthy
living, and a close connection to the Earth. Bringing the farm experience into town was very appealing to A.B. She is honored to be part of an organization that gives the Fayetteville community an opportunity to experience the beauty of farm life.

What inspires you? The great outdoors. People helping each other. Creativity.
Why are you in nonprofit work? It has soul. I enjoy working with others who are giving of themselves to help others.

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally? Tri Cycle Farms contributes to the health and well-being of Northwest Arkansas.

What is your favorite activity or past time? Completing to-do lists that include lots of projects, being with family/friends/pets, organizing, travel, experiencing.

What is your personal definition of Community? Connection.

Other community involvement: Co-creator of the Mad Hope for Positive Change event benefiting Architecture for Humanity in 2007. Board member Needy Paws Animal Shelter 2009-2011. President of the ATU Student Nursing Association 2010-2011. Co-creator & organizer of the Spring Greening Festival in Clarksville, AR. Former company: Bernice’s Hummus 2013-2015.

Diana Chen, Member

Student at the University of Arkansas


B.S. in Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management from Colorado State University

M.S. in Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences from the University of Arkansas

Diana is a book- and plant-lover from the East Coast.  She is interested in farming, spiritual ecology (also called "deep ecology"), and ethnobotany, the study of how human culture incorporates plants for food, medicine, and building materials, and for more esoteric purposes.  This May she will receive her PhD in Environmental Dynamics from the University of Arkansas.  Her favorite activities include digging in the dirt, drinking coffee with friends, hand-writing letters, and playing with her baby.

What Inspires You?  I am inspired by the amazing world of plants.  They don't talk but they can communicate - and listen.  They don't walk, but they can move.  When we breathe out, they breathe in.  They don't live like we do, but they are alive.

Why are you in nonprofit work?  They say it takes a village to raise a kid.  I think that, like a child, any idea can be successful if nurtured by its community.  I'm in nonprofit work to help make sure good things happen, and good ideas come to fruition.

Why does working with Tri Cycle Farms appeal to you personally?  For a long while, I have dreamed of having a small fruit and veggie farm.  Tri Cycle Farms is like the one I've been dreaming about.  It is beautiful, educational, and fun!

What is your favorite activity or past time?  Besides studying and gardening, I enjoy writing and mailing good old-fashioned hand-written letters.

What is your personal definition of community?  Community is a group of people who share a common goal, and how they work together to accomplish that goal through emotional support, resource sharing, and teamwork.

Community experience:  Lead gardener at the Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter

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