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Giving Tuesday

Food security is defined as “…all people at all times having enough food for an active, healthy life.”[1] For the past few years, we have watched as the prevalence of food INsecurity in Arkansas has climbed to 19.2 percent – higher than the national average and the second highest in the United States.[2] As you know, Tri Cycle Farms works daily to end the threat of hunger for our neighbors. Today we are launching our #GivingTuesday campaign and are asking you to join us in our efforts to grow community through soil as we steward food awareness, education, and empowerment. We envision a world with food security, sovereignty, and sustainability for all.

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So, who in your community is likely going hungry? The overall food insecurity rate of students at the University of Arkansas is 60%;[3] about 40% of Arkansans aged 60 or older are living with food insecurity;[4] and approximately 23% of children in Washington County are at risk.[5] YOU probably know someone in one or more of these groups and YOU CAN HELP!

In our Food Recovery project, we pick up healthy, edible food otherwise destined for the landfill and distribute it to those at greatest risk for food insecurity. This year alone, we’ve delivered food to provide more than 74,000 meals! To achieve this, we partner with community grocers, pantries and farmers.

Support Tri Cycle Farms’ Food Recovery Project. We are raising $50,000 to renovate our Food Recovery and Distribution Hub, and purchase a truck and refrigerated trailer. These items are necessary to both expand our effort to reach more people and to better ensure the safety of the food we deliver.

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Help us feed more of your friends and neighbors! Support us as we work toward ending food insecurity in Northwest Arkansas.


Don Bennett

Executive Director

Tri Cycle Farms






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